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We Can Create Your Merchandise, You Can Make Your Money!!


Are You A Musical ‘Brand’ Based In Scotland ? 


Send Us Your Artwork And We’ll Produce & Ship Your T-shirt To Your Customers Then Send You The Profit’s It’s As Easy As That.

All Of Your Questions Answered Here.

You don’t want to spend loads of cash on merchandise  you’re not sure you’re going to sell, right? We solve that problem for you. Just use our shop, send us your image or logo, then you can start selling your T-shirts to your fans straight away. It takes 2 minutes, and you can start making money from your merchandise with no hassle, stock issues, colour or design worries. Every time a fan of yours buys your T-shirts we process the order, print it, dispatch it to them, then send you your profits. Easy! Not only that but our highest seller of the month receives £100 BONUS added to their revenue.

We can also create you hoodies and other garments aswell as vinyl decals etc. Dont hesitate to get in contact with our customer service team for more information.

If you dont have a logo don’t worry we can help you to create one for FREE or you can easily have one created over at https://www.fiverr.com/.  There are hundreds if not thousands of graphic designers over there waiting to create your logo for under £5. If you need any assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can help you out.

How Much Do I Get Per T-shirt I Sell?

Well, that’s up to you. We set a base price which covers the cost of the item, plus our costs. You then decide how much profit margin you want to make per T-shirt. We default the retail price to an amount that we think is a decent selling price, and will maximize your sales and the profit you make. But it’s entirely up to you. We send you an email every time you make a sale so you can thank your fans and keep a track of your revenue.

Base prices:

Adult T-shirts £15 – (£12 t-shirt, £1.99 shipping, £1.01 admin) We recommend setting your online store price @ £20 per t-shirt earning you £5 every sale. If required we can create a coupon for you to offer fans to give them up to 25% off however your coupon would be deducted from your revenue but this can help to increase overall sales. 

Youth T-shirts £9 – (£6 t-shirt, £1.99 shipping, £1.01 admin) We recommend setting your online store price @ £10 per t-shirt earning you £1 from every sale. If required we can create a coupon for you to offer fans to give them up to 10% off however your coupon would be deducted from your revenue but this can help to increase overall sales. 

COMING SOON Mugs // Caps // Hoodies // Bags & Accessories 


Yeaahhhhh that’s right we are giving away £100 to the brand that makes the most sales by the last working day of the month. But ‘WAIT’ it gets better.. As the business grows so will the monthly reward and we aim to be giving away up to £1000 a month to our winner. Watch this space! 

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What Does This Service Cost?

Your first month is totally ‘FREE’ for you to trial your product to see if you are able to apply your skills and knowledge to market your brand and make sales. Don’t worry if you are just starting our we are here to help you every step of the way with our useful brand marketing tips that we share daily via our blog and Facebook live stream. We always look forward to hearing from you so if you have any direct questions never hesitate to get in touch and we will make sure we get you on your way to success with your brand.

This also gives you time to get reviews of your product quality and design from your fans who buy to support you. We can assure you they will be impressed as we spare no expense when it comes to providing the best quality T-shirts to our/your customers.

After your first month if you are happy with our service and wish to continue it is only £15 a month placement fee. This is simply to cover the cost of the admin behind your product i.e printed receipts, follow up emails etc. In return for your continuation with us we send you a ‘FREE’ T-shirt with your design so you can get advertising right away sporting your brand. If you have one already from us then order another size for a friend or relative as a kind treat and get them supporting your brand too.

You are never under any obligation to be placed on our site and can have your product removed at any time you wish. You will be updated via email at the end of your placement term as a reminder so you don’t miss out on future opportunities.

What T-Shirts Do You Use?

We only use premium quality products. For Men’s T-Shirts, white tees are minimum 190gms, with coloured tees being minimum 205gms. Women’s T-Shirts are 160gms. Both Men’s and Women’s T-Shirts are 100% cotton unless requested otherwise.

What’s The Print Quality Like?

We use a variety of different print techniques, depending on the design. We always aim to get the best quality and durability we can for any given design. 

How Do We Get Paid The Share Of Our T-shirt Sales?

The payment date is set for the last working day of the month & paid monthly directly to you securely via bank transfer or our preferred method of PayPal. Please make sure your payment details, name, email address are all accurate and current, then you’ll receive your revenue on the next payment date. 

I’m Not Anything To Do With The Music Scene But I’d Still Love My Own Merch. Can I Sell My Design Here?

Sorry, no. Go Get Some! online store is solely for those in Scotland’s independent music scene and music ‘BRANDS’. This includes all music artists / DJ’S / groups / bands / rappers / producers, promoters, venues etc etc… if your brand relates to music then we are here for you.

However we can create your t-shirt design for you as a separate service if you send us your image and info to contact@gogetsome.co.uk & a member of our customer service team will be in touch to process your order.

Got any tips for selling more t-shirts?

1 – Wear your brand everywhere you go the more people see it the more they will want it! Go Get Some!

2 – Tweet it out to your fans. Are you not on Twitter? Really? Why not!? Go Get Some!

3 –  Send your customers free stuff (MP3s, CDs, tickets) in exchange for buying a t-shirt. Go Get Some!

4 – Watch our live stream on Facebook and keep and eye on our blog for all the latest marketing tips on building your brand. Go Get Some!

5, Add your product link (e.g. https://gogetsome.co.uk/shop/mybandstshirt) to your newsletters, your website, Facebook, Instagram etc, If you tell them, they will come! 

you’ve to to Go Get Some!

I’m going on tour. Can you do me a bulk order?

Yes. If you’d like more than 10 t-shirts let us know and we can sort you out with a bulk deal and have it ready for your show or tour.


1, Send us an email to contact@gogetsome.co.uk with SHOP MY BRAND – ‘YOURBRANDNAME’ in the subject bar i.e  SHOP MY BRAND – GO GET SOME! ENTERTAINMENT.

2, Attach your logo if you already have one in PNG or jpeg. format. If you don’t have a logo yet, still continue as we can help you to get one created.

3, Leave a contact name & one of our team will be in touch very soon to get you added to the store.

4, Finally if you wish, include all of your social media links and a small bio and we will include these in your products description.


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